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Transform any space through stunning design.


Bring any space to life.

Create custom wall murals and wallpapers, custom glass splashbacks and floor graphics for commercial office, retail stores, hotel accommodations and domestic residential.


We work closely with residential and commercial interior designers and property renovators to take your vision and add a touch of magic to it.

Through our full service approach, we become part of your creative design team, sharing our expertise and seamlessly managing the design through to installation of your project.




Our full service wall mural design and installation uses premium removable polyester fabric film to transform walls with stunning photos, illustrations and designs.

What makes our wall murals different is our dedication to working with you and your interior design goals to achieve the look and feel you desire.

Our specialised splashback film is applied to the surface of existing glass splash backs to totally transform the look of a kitchen

When you are tired of the colour or pattern, or want to return the kitchen to the original condition, simply remove the film.

Bespoke printing directly onto the timber, is an innovative technique that generates an intriguing interaction of the art with the underpinning wood surface.


Each image takes on the characteristics of the wood grain beneath – creating totally unique warmth and charm.


See and Feel the Difference

Why not bring some life to your space?
Custom wall murals and wallpapers are one of the hottest interior design trends.
High quality shines through, which is why we only print our wall murals onto premium self-adhesive polyester fabric film. It does not shrink, warp, rip or wrinkle and can be wrapped around wall corners or poles, as well as applied to ceilings for a seamless finish. 
Kitchen splash-back looking tired or dated?
Removing glass splash-back's from a wall and replacing them with new splash-back's is expensive and fiddly. There is a new solution on the market – high gloss, removable vinyl coating applied directly to the splash-back.
The colours appear rich and vibrant, and the surface is easy to clean.

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else          has seen, and thinking what

  no one else has thought.”

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